Delete Uber

Yesterday during the Muslim Ban protest at JFK, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance went on an hour-long strike to condemn Trump's Executive Order and they released this statement:

"By sanctioning bigotry with his unconstitutional and inhumane executive order banning Muslim refugees from seven countries, the president is putting professional drivers in more danger than they have been in any time since 9/11 when hate crimes against immigrants skyrocketed"

At the same time Uber continued to take customers to the airport and when the strike finished they turned off surge pricing at JFK which effectively undercut the taxi drivers.

In response, thousands of users started deleting their Uber accounts which prompted statements from Uber that were not very well received:

“We share your concern that this ban will impact many thousands of innocent people,” some responses read. “That’s why Uber is committed to financially compensating drivers affected by the ban, so that they can continue to support their families while they are prevented from returning to the U.S.”

This created a further uproar to which Uber's CEO, Travis Kalanik responded with a statement where he reiterated his decision to work with the Trump administration:

"[W]e’ve taken the view that in order to serve cities you need to give their citizens a voice, a seat at the table"

Kalanik's statement further angered users and only increased the number of app deletions.

Today I deleted my Uber account because I cannot support a company that treats its drivers callously, treats the Muslim Ban and refugee issue flippantly and who's CEO somehow still thinks working with Trump is an option.

After Week 1 it should be clear to anyone who values civil liberties, human rights, racial justice and democracy that collaborating with Trump is not an option.

Furthermore, many tech companies had tepid, self-interested responses to the Muslim Ban (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Amazon) and they also continue to want to work with Trump. Considering how much of our data they control and how Donald Trump and Steve Bannon intend to use the levers of power, collaboration is not an option and we need to send a strong message to other tech companies that we will punish them if they collaborate with Trump.

For those reasons I urge you to delete your Uber account and to spread the word.

Here are the instructions for how to delete your account: